Guardian (UK)

In their attempts to deal with their budget deficits, state and local governments are slashing public transit funding, which may leave residents little choice but to return to their cars.
Jun 30, 2010   Guardian (UK)
Writing in the Guardian, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders argues against offshore drilling and in favor of dramatic increases in energy efficiencies and investments in renewables.
May 28, 2010   Guardian (UK)
While Canada's federal government resists taking action on climate change, its provincial and Aboriginal leaders have set aside over 200 million acres of boreal forest as a carbon vault.
Oct 31, 2009   Guardian (UK)
The New Economics Foundation's "Happy Planet Index" shows that Costa Ricans use fewer resources and lead happier lives than the rest of the world.
Jul 7, 2009   Guardian (UK)
Climate change and irrigation schemes are drying up rivers and speeding the spread of deserts, leading to plans to move tens of millions of people.
May 22, 2009   Guardian (UK)
With housing values and sales continuing to plummet along with other major economic indicators, the concern should be about preventing a second great depression, not paying down the deficit, writes Dean Baker.
Mar 9, 2009   Guardian (UK)
Energy Secretary Steve Chu delivers a grim warning for California: Slow the pace of climate change or the state will lose its agriculture and cities.
Feb 5, 2009   Guardian (UK)
Plans to erect a concrete "eco barrier" around Rio's slum areas being heavily criticized by human rights activists and environmentalists.
Jan 6, 2009   Guardian (UK)
The mayor of London has announced plans to make the city greener than ever. He stated that opportunities abounded not just for emissions reduction, but for green job creation as well.
Dec 1, 2008   Guardian (UK)
London mayor Boris Johnson is facing backlash for withdrawing money from bike route funds to rephase traffic lights, among other things. The move is less than effective for making London a "true cycling city," say critics.
Nov 29, 2008   Guardian (UK)
A newly-designed nuclear "battery" utilizing 50-year old technology promises to revolutionize nuclear power with sealed, shed-sized reactors suitable for powering thousands of households.
Nov 10, 2008   Guardian (UK)