Over the last several decades, researchers have examined how our cities deplete natural resources and change the climate and ecosystems of their surrounding areas. But new evidence shows that such impacts aren't a purely modern phenomenon.
Jan 9, 2014   Smithsonian
Back in 2001, Jim Starry proposed a radical rethink of airport design, with inclined runways and gates on top of terminals and parking lots. Lost in the 9/11 shuffle, Sarah Rich takes a second look at the idea.
Jun 27, 2012   Smithsonian
With the help of a little GIS wizardry, Susan Spano and Aviva Shen map the 20 most cultured small towns in the U.S., from Gig Harbor, WA to Naples, FL and everywhere in between.
Apr 22, 2012   Smithsonian
Pollution is threatening the structural integrity of the Taj Mahal, prompting local officials to scramble for ways to preserve the historic site.
Sep 1, 2011   Smithsonian
In the 1920s, when the concept of a big city like New York was still new to many Americans, one newspaper columnist brought the city to small town America.
May 15, 2011   Smithsonian
A city in decline for decades, Cleveland is showing signs of recovery, according to this article from <em>Smithsonian</em>.
Apr 14, 2011   Smithsonian
This collection of photographs from <em>Smithsonian</em> documents the construction of the recently opened bypass bridge at the Hoover Dam.
Dec 17, 2010   Smithsonian
Urban agriculture is becoming a well-known idea all around the world. Most of it is done at the small-scale, but there's still the idea of creating large skyscraper farms to feed our cities. <em>Smithsonian</em> takes a look at the idea.
Aug 4, 2010   Smithsonian
<em>Smithsonian</em> explores micronations, tiny utopian city-states that strike out on their own - whether or not their current government recognizes their independence.
Aug 26, 2009   Smithsonian
Isfahan is one of Iran's fastest growing cities. But it also has a distinct history -- one that is being threatened by the rapid pace of growth. Now, locals are trying to preserve the city's heritage.
Apr 5, 2009   Smithsonian
The Chinese coastal city of Macau has passed Las Vegas as the biggest gambling city in the world. This article from <em>Smithsonian Magazine</em> looks at how it got there.
Sep 8, 2008   Smithsonian