Barack Obama

The nation's first standards requiring power plants to reduce hazardous emissions, including the neurotoxin mercury, a coal-burning by-product, was upheld by a federal appeals court in a major win for public health, the EPA, and President Obama.
Apr 18, 2014   The Wall Street Journal - Politics and Policy
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow interviews presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama about his plans for electrical and industrial infrastructure, including plug-in hybrids [Video].
Nov 1, 2008   The Rachel Maddow Show
If history is any indicator, Senator Obama's presidential plans to pump more federal money into fixing cities' problems are futile and wasteful, according to Steven Malanga.
Oct 29, 2008   City Journal
The answer is: "Because people today would rather not work and instead just sit at home collecting welfare checks." Blog Post
Oct 16, 2008   By Jeffrey Barg
Presidential candidate Barack Obama has announced a $5 billion plan to restore the Great Lakes, funded by reductions in tax cuts for oil companies.
Sep 22, 2008   The Detroit Free Press
Neal Pierce looks at America's addiction to incarceration and drug prohibition and wonders what -- if anything -- the presidential candidates would do to change the country's course.
Sep 8, 2008   Citiwire