An app that plots the most beautiful route across cities made news earlier this month, but one commenter worries about how taking the more scenic route could make it harder to improve quality of life in the "less-than-scenic" sections of cities.
Yesterday   TheCityFix
<em>Building Happiness,</em> a new collection of writings on architecture, concludes that the connect between beauty and happiness is unfounded.
May 28, 2009   Metropolis Magazine
There's no shortage of writing and conjecture on New York City when it comes to urban and city issues. But one subject that has been neglected in the urban academic discourse is the city's incredible concentration of beautiful women. Opinion
Feb 22, 2009   By Nate Berg
Travel writers, photographers, and an urban designer selected by Forbes have named the 20 prettiest towns in America; their varied definitions of "prettiness" are reflected in their choices.
Oct 22, 2008   Forbes Traveler
These days, there are many important city-building issues we're promoting here in Vancouver. Opinion
Apr 25, 2007   By Brent Toderian