The Dallas Morning News

Architecture Critic Mark Lamster sets aside the complex issues of lane configurations and traffic calming to focus on a key aspect of walkability: proper lighting.
Nov 24, 2014   The Dallas Morning News
DOT Secretary Ray LaHood announced $1.5 billion in transportation grants this morning, including $23 million towards a streetcar project in Dallas.
Feb 17, 2010   The Dallas Morning News
Clayton McCleskey makes the case for why Dallas ought to be a little more like Zurich.
Oct 21, 2009   The Dallas Morning News
Arlington, Texas, is home to the Dallas Cowboys' football stadium. But as the largest American city with no public bus or rail lines, getting to the stadium is no easy task.
Sep 19, 2009   The Dallas Morning News
As construction has slowed in Dallas, its office of Preservation and Planning has seen a large deficit in funding from fees. Half of its positions could be on the chopping block. Preservationists worry, while officials say they have bigger concerns.
Sep 10, 2009   The Dallas Morning News
Plans for a broad statewide highway project known as the Trans-Texas Corridor have been abandoned by state officials.
Jan 8, 2009   The Dallas Morning News
Restaurants are now a better draw than retail in a tough economy, and new retail centers are upping their percentage of eating places to follow suit.
Aug 25, 2008   The Dallas Morning News
A new interest in urbanism and public transit is attracting businesses to downtown. One proponent says, 'I can't remember a time since the early 1980s that we had a bigger year for downtown Dallas.'
Aug 24, 2008   The Dallas Morning News