On The Commons

Jay Walljasper chronicles the decline of lively public spaces in the era of "rampant traffic, proliferating privatization, heightened security...and the internet," and human kind's existential need for protecting and expanding the public realm.
Sep 12, 2012   On The Commons
David Bollier argues that large institutions and businesses may have reached their peak, and we're headed towards a 'peer production' economy.
Dec 12, 2008   On The Commons
David Bollier debunks the idea that the magic of 'private property' is saving fisheries from being overfished.
Oct 6, 2008   On The Commons
Across the country, the billboard industry is fighting to prohibit tree planting on public spaces that might block their billboards.
Sep 15, 2008   On The Commons
Jay Walljasper reflects on the historical meaning of American independence, and how today's meaning is leading people away from working towards the common good.
Aug 19, 2008   On The Commons