Melinda Burns uses two California cities through which to investigate the reasons why the foreclosure crisis has impacted communities in dramatically different ways.
Jan 20, 2012   Miller-McCune
Jacobs' ideas about urban planning bumped her to the top of her Top Urban Thinkers list, but economists are turning to her other books to rethink local economies.
Oct 26, 2009   Miller-McCune
Not having babies is, arguably, the most effective way of limiting one's carbon footprint. Experts discuss ways to approach this touchy subject.
Oct 17, 2009   Miller-McCune
The California Building Standards Commission recently okayed the use of greywater (slightly dirty water from tubs, washing machines, etc.) to be used for irrigation. They were catching up on a revolution 20 years in the making.
Oct 14, 2009   Miller-McCune
Head-on train collisions can be avoided by simply keeping one train per track. There's a plan to make that happen, but it's years from implementation.
Oct 9, 2009   Miller-McCune
As we learned in <em>The Big Sort</em>, America is sorting itself into enclaves of people with similar beliefs. In <em>Whitopia</em>, Rich Benjamin shows that the fastest growing areas are also the most white.
Oct 2, 2009   Miller-McCune
Some recent studies show that the winds are slowing in the U.S., but others say it is speeding up. Regardless, variable winds could have a great impact on the wind power industry.
Oct 1, 2009   Miller-McCune
Used to pouring resources into building new homes, Habitat for Humanity sees opportunity in the vast number of vacancies caused by the mortgage crisis.
Sep 26, 2009   Miller-McCune
Westward migration in the U.S. seems to be slowing, as jobs dry up overcrowding begins pushing people away.
Sep 25, 2009   Miller-McCune
Water saver or environmental hazard? Questions are compounding about artificial turf as more homeowners ditch their grass for fake lawns. Contradicting city policies muddy the issue in the arid Southwest.
Sep 4, 2009   Miller-McCune
As wildfires rage in Southern California, some experts are calling for a revision of policies that encourage controlled burns to reduce fire risks.
Aug 29, 2009   Miller-McCune