The Wall St. Journal

Porsche has announced its planning to develop a 57-story condo in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, complete with parking spaces <em>inside</em> every unit.
Dec 9, 2011   The Wall St. Journal
West Oakland's days as an industrial center are long gone, but city officials have a vision of rebuilding it as a clean energy mecca. Problem is, many locals have their own vision of upscaling the neighborhood with local eateries and condos.
Mar 5, 2010   The Wall St. Journal
A group of investors bought New York City's Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in 2006 at the height of the market for $5.4 billion. The speculative deal is now underwater and the investors have decided to walk away from their loans.
Jan 26, 2010   The Wall St. Journal
Sharing apartments as roommates is a foreign concept in Japan- single people have traditionally preferred their own tiny living quarters. A new glut of large, fancy apartments has created a new market for roomies.
Dec 31, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
The Wall St. Journal looks at the epic struggle between developers, planners and locals over a new hospital that would replace 1/5th of the neighborhoods homes, and the piles of paperwork that result.
Dec 22, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
Builders John Wieland Homes & Neighborhoods, hit hard by the downturn, is meeting consumer price points by creating compact home designs instead of the 4,700 sq. ft. homes that were their bread and butter.
Nov 15, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
A new book edited by John Julius Norwich with that title selects the 68 cities that have made the most impact on history. The Wall St. Journal has a review.
Oct 26, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
Richard Florida notes that there are only 40 significant mega-regions that drive the global economy, and are poised for faster recovery from the economic slowdown.
Oct 13, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
When it turns frustrated drivers to different modes like transit, walking, biking and carpooling, says writer David Owen.
Oct 12, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
The Wall St. Journal assembled a panel to determine which cities will be the next 'youth-magnets,' using factors like economic diversity and lifestyle to make their selections. Number one? A tie between Washington, D.C. and Seattle.
Oct 2, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
A new film focuses on the life of a home designed by architect Rem Koolhaas for a client in a wheelchair, which radically redefines domestic living, and the results of the experiment when put to actual use.
Oct 1, 2009   The Wall St. Journal