The Guardian U.K.

'Starchitects' compete for prime real estate in New York City, and selling their stuff isn’t as easy as one might think. See four famous architects in action as they pitch designs for a new office tower on Park Avenue.
Dec 15, 2012   The Guardian U.K.
Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa designed a utopian vision interweaving the city and nature. Three years after his death, his vision is complete. Rowan More of the Observer pays Astana, the new capital, a visit.
Aug 9, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
To publicize an urban agriculture project in Middlesbrough, England, organizers threw a town meal for 8,000 people sharing the food grown by the gardens. The growing experiment was so popular that many locals don't want it to stop.
Aug 4, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
Black Hawk, Colorado, population 100, has seen increased traffic since building a casino in 1991. Officials say their narrow, Gold Rush-era streets are not up to accommodating both bikes and vehicles, so bikes are verboten.
Jun 21, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
A new book documents great buildings demolished throughout Britain. Nicolas Lezard points out how many were lost not to German bombs but to poor planning decisions.
May 23, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
Rem Koolhaas and his practice have released a vision of Europe 50 years from now, connected by an extensive smart grid and utilizing solar, wind and other green technologies to power the continent.
May 10, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
While developers in the U.K. have fallen prey to the recession, Tesco supermarkets have been extremely successful. Now the company is planning several new developments of their own with homes and shops centered around the grocery store.
May 5, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
The booming real estate market in Beirut is causing the rapid disappearance of the city's history, says Guardian critic Deen Sharp.
Apr 2, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
In what The Guardian calls "the greatest change of ownership since the colonial era," enormous swaths of African land is being sold to foreign countries seeking agricultural lands to feed their growing populations.
Mar 12, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
France's highest court dealt an 'unexpected and embarrassing blow' to French President Nicolas Sarkozy by ruling his carbon tax, set to take effect on New Year's, unconstitutional on Dec. 30.
Jan 4, 2010   The Guardian U.K.
Britain is becoming increasingly privatized as urban regeneration projects put entire neighborhoods in the hands of developers. One project spans 34 of Liverpool's streets, putting public space in private control.
Dec 31, 2009   The Guardian U.K.