The Vancouver Courier

Daily pedestrian trips in Vancouver, Canada are at 318,000, while bike trips are at 60,000. So why do bikes have a committee and pedestrians don't? City planners are rectifying that situation now, with a new focus on walkers.
Feb 10, 2011   The Vancouver Courier
Vancouver's Cambie Street corridor is targeted for increased density by the city's planning department, with buildings up to 12 stories. A bed-and-breakfast owner who has run her business in the neighborhood since 1972 says enough is enough.
Dec 3, 2010   The Vancouver Courier
Vancouver set a goal of creating 2,010 food gardens around the city by the time of the 2010 Olympics, and managed to reach that number (and a little more).
Apr 12, 2010   The Vancouver Courier
The city of Vancouver is hoping to reduce its energy use and carbon emissions by hiring a goat to maintain the grounds at city hall. Though the mayor wants to expand the goat program to schools and parks, some have reservations.
Apr 3, 2009   The Vancouver Courier
A local TV host will be one of the first to take advantage of Vancouver's new 'laneway housing' pilot project (allowing 'granny units' in backyards of traditional city neighborhoods). The project is facing some controversy.
Feb 26, 2009   The Vancouver Courier
<p>Landscape architects aren't typically well known, but their work is a major part of many peoples' lives. As urbanization increases, their influence on city dwellers will become more noticeable, according to this article.</p>
Jul 11, 2008   The Vancouver Courier