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An elderly woman in China has implemented an innovative traffic calming measure in her neighborhood. Could sex dolls replace stop signs at an intersection near you?
Aug 3, 2012   Boing Boing
That's how developers at Google describe the release of Google Earth for the iPhone. Boing Boing's Joel Johnson wonders why it wasn't released for Android first.
Oct 27, 2008   Boing Boing
Comfort Cafe in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY wanted to expand, but couldn't get a loan in the credit crisis. The owner got creative, and raised the money he needed by selling discount cards to loyal regulars.
Oct 4, 2008   Boing Boing
Engineers at USC have developed a new technique for '3-D printing' houses.
Sep 4, 2008   Boing Boing
An obviously Photoshopped cluster of trees appears in the Netherlands. What is someone hiding, and how are they hacking Google Earth?
Aug 15, 2008   Boing Boing
<p>Boing Boing reports on Axel Peemoeller's award-winning parking lot design, which has giant words that snap into focus when you stand (or drive) in the right position. </p>
Aug 6, 2008   Boing Boing