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An elderly woman in China has implemented an innovative traffic calming measure in her neighborhood. Could sex dolls replace stop signs at an intersection near you?
Aug 3, 2012   Boing Boing
Peter Vaernet, aka the "Mad Viking", transformed a pocket park known for drugs and violence into a safe, active place by bringing lots of women and children into the park.
Jun 11, 2010   Boing Boing
Steorn, an Irish company that claimed six years ago to have invented an engine that puts out more energy than it uses, finally presents a model of the technology for the public to see.
Dec 17, 2009   Boing Boing
At a digital security conference in Las Vegas, a presenter showed that newer "smart" parking meters can be hacked, giving the hacker free parking wherever they go.
Aug 5, 2009   Boing Boing
Author Kurt Andersen's new book describes the last three decades as a period of wanton growth, from homes to waistlines. He sees the economic bust as a way to return sanity and size appropriateness.
Jul 29, 2009   Boing Boing
An Italian company is using an RC model submarine to run fiber optic cable through sewer systems.
Jul 2, 2009   Boing Boing
In this video, police in Denmark stop cyclists without helmets, hug them, and give them new helmets.
Apr 29, 2009   Boing Boing
The P.U.M.A. is an experimental prototype that takes Segway technology and fits it to a two-person commuter car frame.
Apr 8, 2009   Boing Boing
Brad Templeton, chairman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, hopes that robot-driven cars will become commonplace on our roads in the next decade or two.
Feb 3, 2009   Boing Boing
At the Japanese website, visitors are geomapping odd odors, from gasoline fumes to curry.
Dec 12, 2008   Boing Boing
The Magic Power System plugs into your car's 12v port, and purportedly improves your gas mileage by 30%, increases torque, reduces emissions, improves car audio quality, and cleans the entire car 'electrically'.
Nov 14, 2008   Boing Boing