The San Bernardino Sun

<p>A year after a new freeway was completed in Southern California, traffic data shows increased use. Officials plan to widen the freeway to handle the increased load.</p>
Jun 24, 2008   The San Bernardino Sun
<p>A widely watched lawsuit by California's attorney general against the state's fastest growing county over the issue of inventorying and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the update of a county general plan has been settled.</p>
Aug 26, 2007   The San Bernardino Sun
<p>In the first suit of its kind in the state, if not the country, a Southern California county was sued by environmental groups because their general plan doesn't consider the effects of global warming. The state attorney general has joined the suit.</p>
Apr 23, 2007   The San Bernardino Sun
NBC movie depicts California falling into the ocean after a 10.5 earthquake. The U.S. Geological Service separates fact from fiction contained in this Hollywood fantasy.
May 5, 2004   The San Bernardino Sun
A review of several downtown revitalization strategies.
Mar 24, 2003   The San Bernardino Sun
"The downtown area should be the signature of a city," Mayor Judith Vallessaid. "We don't have a signature right now."
Sep 10, 2000   The San Bernardino Sun