The Architect's Journal

An aerial gondola system will be built over the Thames River in London ahead of the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Mar 23, 2011   The Architect's Journal
Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects argues that the unified style of architecture for the 21st century will be 'parametricism'.
May 7, 2010   The Architect's Journal
New plans have been released by Gensler that show a proposed expansion of the holy city of Mecca.
Nov 30, 2009   The Architect's Journal
An architect in Berlin has proposed replacing the city's now-unused Tempelhof airport with a giant man-made mountain, dubbed The Berg.
Nov 13, 2009   The Architect's Journal
A new book from Britain features photos of incompetent and dangerous bicycle lanes. Sales of the book benefit the Cyclists Defence Fund.
Oct 8, 2009   The Architect's Journal
Edward Lifson talks to architect Tadao Ando about his work masterplanning Tokyo's bid for the 2016 Olympics.
Sep 8, 2009   The Architect's Journal
A controversial proposal in the London borough of Barnet would create a fast track for developers who pay more for faster service. Critics say this would create an unfair, two-tiered system, where richer developers get more access to government.
Sep 2, 2009   The Architect's Journal
Julius Shulman, famed popularizing mid-century modern architecture through his photographs, died yesterday at the age of 98. In his honor, The Architect's Journal features some of Shulman's photographs and commentary.
Jul 17, 2009   The Architect's Journal
The Architect's Journal selects the most significant architecture and urban design from the Star Wars films.
Jun 23, 2009   The Architect's Journal
James Dyson, the engineer who appears in vacuum cleaner ads in the States, rails against planners in Bath, England who he claims thwarted the engineering school he was attempting to found there.
Oct 17, 2008   The Architect's Journal
<p>MI5 has requested that planners and architects keep some details of building designs top secret as part of the fight against terrorism.</p>
Jun 13, 2008   The Architect's Journal