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In Cleveland, the rise of urban agriculture has spurred new regulations intended to help farmers raise chickens or bees. Some fear, however, the newly created red tape makes it more difficult.
Dec 20, 2008   The Cleveland Free Times
<p>This piece from <em>The Cleveland Free Times</em> argues that policy can and does encourage sprawl, and none of the candidates running for president will do anything to combat these policies. Meanwhile, American cities will continue to die off.</p>
May 9, 2008   The Cleveland Free Times
<p>As Cleveland and the Ohio Department of Transportation make plans for a reconstruction of an urban stretch of highway without a bike lane, it seems the transportation agency doesn't care about the quarter of the city's residents who don't drive cars.</p>
Jan 26, 2007   The Cleveland Free Times
Churches and their parking lots dominate some East Side neighborhoods. It's a mixed blessing at best.
Oct 23, 2005   The Cleveland Free Times
Rating communities is highly subjective even with objectively measured criteria. Often such surveys ignore distinctive neighborhoods that have a sense of identity.
Jun 29, 2005   The Cleveland Free Times
Despite advances, clean energy is still seen as an "alternative". It is time to reframe the issue says Clint Wilder.
Mar 9, 2005   The Cleveland Free Times
In Ohio, an increasing number of Republicans are embracing the anti-sprawl agenda.
Jul 30, 2004   The Cleveland Free Times
What Cleveland can learn from Minneapolis-St. Paul.
May 6, 2004   The Cleveland Free Times
Eight members of the so-called "creative class" discuss their work and their reasons for living in Cleveland.
Nov 3, 2003   The Cleveland Free Times