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Toronto is growing up, up, up, with a very hot downtown condominium market, including a number of very small (500 sq. ft.) apartments for young professionals.
Jan 23, 2011   The National Post
<p>A new study shows that Victoria B.C. leads Canadian cities in terms of sustainable transportation initiatives. But, overall, Canadian cities are not performing as well as they could be.</p>
Sep 28, 2007   The National Post
Jane Jacobs stars as an evil, time-travelling super villain in an off-Broadway play called 'Boozy', which offers a warped look at the life of Robert Moses.
May 31, 2005   The National Post
The Ontario government is set to release a discussion paper Thursday and launch public consultations to help it craft legislation to protect the province's drinking water.
Feb 13, 2004   The National Post
Toronto and other Ontario towns' practice of dumping waste in the U.S. has already lead to grave border security concerns.
Nov 7, 2003   The National Post
McGill University professor of architecture Avi Friedman talks about maintaining vital and healthy cities, in the context of Canada's largest city, Toronto.
Jul 31, 2003   The National Post
Municipalities are hiring architects to ensure that new development is architecturally interesting and does not look resemble sprawling cookie-cutter subdivisions
Jun 3, 2003   The National Post
Minorities are now the majority in many of Canada's urban centers.
Jan 22, 2003   The National Post
Toronto city planners have distilled the official plans from seven municipal entitites to draft an abmitious new city plan.
Sep 24, 2002   The National Post
Newer churches in Canadan are larger and less ornate and adopt a "participatory method" of church design.
Aug 2, 2002   The National Post
Brad Mackay offer alternatives to buying a home as Toronto's housing market skyrockets.
May 14, 2002   The National Post