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Toronto is growing up, up, up, with a very hot downtown condominium market, including a number of very small (500 sq. ft.) apartments for young professionals.
Jan 23, 2011   The National Post
Toronto transit activists are frustrated that funding for planned streetcars is being rerouted, and are preparing a "Save Transit City" campaign.
Apr 18, 2010   The National Post
As Baby Boomers reach retirement age in Canada, nearly one out of five in the country will be retired within a decade. This coming retirement boom is already affecting the housing market, which many expect to change dramatically.
Mar 22, 2009   The National Post
The city of Toronto is considering a plan to fast-track the construction of a new downtown subway line.
Feb 2, 2009   The National Post
The military presence in Afghanistan is expanding at a rapid pace, creating a military sprawl.
Sep 29, 2008   The National Post
<p>Stores in Vancouver suburbs have installed a device outside their stores called a 'Mosquito' that emits a high-pitched frequency that the average adult can't hear. The device is effective in decreasing vandalism, but at what cost to public space?</p>
Jul 31, 2008   The National Post
<p>B.C. Auditor General John Doyle released a scathing report this week claiming that officials have done a poor job of involving the public and looking out for their best interests.</p>
Jul 21, 2008   The National Post
<p>Resembling a compartment in a first-class airplane cabin more than a standard hotel room, new pod hotels are popping up in major travel centers in Europe and North America, offering mini-rooms that provide travelers with lower-cost lodgings.</p>
May 2, 2008   The National Post
<p>After a recent shooting death in Toronto, one writer lays the blame for urban violence on city planners.</p>
Mar 19, 2008   The National Post
<p>While other cities may be perfect examples of textbook urbanism, Toronto's diversity and rough edges makes it an especially useful model for 21st century cities, observes one planner.</p>
Oct 18, 2007   The National Post
<p>Urban ethnic enclaves are nothing new. But Peace Village, just north of Toronto, is: it's Canada's first all-Muslim subdivision, where houses feature separate rooms for men and women, and the streets are filled with pedestrians.</p>
Oct 10, 2007   The National Post