The Virginian-Pilot

Back in January 2015, the Obama Administration pitched a proposal to allow offshore oil exploration along the Atlantic Coast. As more local stakeholders reveal their verdicts on the idea, some are finding reason to oppose.
May 9, 2015   The Virginian-Pilot
In a recent speech, Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms announced that Virginia Governor Terry McAullife and Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne have pledged financial support for a $1.3 billion light rail extension.
Mar 16, 2014   The Virginian-Pilot
Developer Gerald Friedman is incredulous that county commissioners won't let him rezone his property in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Apr 20, 2011   The Virginian-Pilot
In Virginia Beach, VA, homeowner Herbert Harris was told that the wheelchair ramp and extra bedroom he was building for his wife and ill daughter needed building permits. Thus began a trip down the rabbit hole of the Board of Zoning Appeals.
Jan 13, 2009   The Virginian-Pilot
<p>A recent newspaper investigation in Virginia reveals that payday loan operations are eschewing poor neighborhoods and setting up in suburban areas.</p>
Mar 1, 2008   The Virginian-Pilot