Toll Roads News

Growth in traffic on intercity buses offers an important new source of revenue for long distance turnpikes and interstate toll bridges. A new breed of curbside bus carriers are seeing rapid growth.
Dec 29, 2011   Toll Roads News
Comprehensive road pricing through tolls and congestion charges could play a major role in reducing housing prices and sprawl, according to a new study.
Nov 23, 2008   Toll Roads News
<p>A "Black Hat security researcher" claims he has discovered security flaws in the FasTrak toll transponder used by drivers in California and Colorado. However, the story is quickly dismantled as "baloney" by a toll road industry insider.</p>
Jul 14, 2008   Toll Roads News
<p>A brand new toll road in India is struggling to get on its feet, as long delays have made some trips on the expressway longer than on the old roads.</p>
Feb 11, 2008   Toll Roads News