The North County Times

<p>Following the example set by Sao Paulo, Brazil, the city of Encinitas, California is considering a plan to ban new billboard advertisements within the city.</p>
Jun 6, 2008   The North County Times
<p>Some planners hope that driverless car technology can finally put an end to traffic jams.</p>
May 19, 2008   The North County Times
<p>This article discusses an architect's attempt to classify his homes as "McMansions" and the city's unwillingness to accept the "McMansion" label as an acceptable way to categorize the architecture of proposed homes.</p>
Feb 6, 2008   The North County Times
<p>California Attorney General Jerry Brown's criticism of San Diego's regional transportation plan has some politicians in the area considering a major revision of the region's smart growth strategy.</p>
Dec 5, 2007   The North County Times
<p>A recent survey reveals that San Diego County senior citizens are less likely to use public transportation as they grow older. Many seniors cite their lack of experience, long waits, and a lack of adequate routes as keeping them from using transit.</p>
Dec 15, 2006   The North County Times
California environmentalists criticize Bush administration's plan to sale of over 300,000 acres of public land.
Feb 14, 2006   The North County Times
Worsening highway congestion and spiking house prices has many people ready to head out of 'livable' San Diego County, CA.
Jul 24, 2005   The North County Times