Campaign for America's Future

Sara Robinson of the Campaign for America's Future outlines in the first of a series of articles why we simply won't be able to "return to normal."
Apr 8, 2009   Campaign for America's Future
Isaiah Poole believes that the Institute for America's Future new "Main Street Recovery Program" provides the incoming administration with a strategy for public investments into America's cities.
Dec 22, 2008   Campaign for America's Future
Prison construction is flourishing under the assumption that it boosts rural economies, but as Eric Lotke points out, investing in other types of building would yield greater returns to society.
Dec 14, 2008   Campaign for America's Future
Bill Scher believes that public investments in infrastructure will be a hallmark of the incoming administration, and suggests that it should be a point of political unity.
Nov 19, 2008   Campaign for America's Future
The deplorable state of America's infrastructure may represent a one-time opportunity: not to replace what once made sense but does no longer, but to embark on a bold program to create a more environmentally sustainable nation, writes Sara Robinson.
Aug 22, 2008   Campaign for America's Future
<p>A new Federal regulation will deny funding to public transit services for routes oriented to meeting the needs of public schools, with the aim of encouraging school boards to contract with private bus operators instead.</p>
Jul 21, 2008   Campaign for America's Future
<p>All indicators show that America's infrastructure -- from roads to bridges to sewers to airports -- is in dire need of investment and repair. Can a National Infrastructure Bank make the difference?</p>
Mar 2, 2008   Campaign for America's Future
<p>The decay of America's infrastructure and the Bush Administration's repeated excuse, "Nobody could have foreseen..." reveals how much of America's planning tradition has been lost to free market ideology, writes Sarah Robinson.</p>
Jan 23, 2008   Campaign for America's Future