Jeffrey Spivak reports on the federal government's pioneering efforts in net-zero building design and construction.
Mar 12, 2012   Planning
Roger E. Eastman recounts the process and product of a recent effort by Flagstaff, Arizona to replace an outdated zoning code with an innovative hybrid of form-based and Euclidean elements.
Feb 12, 2012   Planning
Writing in the online edition of the January issue of Planning, Bobbie Peyton explores what can be learned from the pioneering Foodshed Planning efforts of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego.
Jan 16, 2012   Planning
With strong advocates in Washington and in City Hall, planning continues for an ambitious multi-billion dollar effort to overhaul the Los Angeles River and its relationship to the city.
Jan 11, 2012   Planning
<p>In this column, APA Executive Director Paul Farmer expounds on the other professions that are inappropriately making planning decisions, and discusses how New Urbanists are close to repeating the mistakes of other modernist movements.</p>
Jan 9, 2008   Planning