The Indianapolis Star

Indiana State Sen. Luke Kenley thinks the state's redevelopment agencies have too much freedom to approve spending on large projects and has proposed a bill to curb their power, but the state House has refused to hear the bill.
Apr 18, 2011   The Indianapolis Star
<p>A $15 million donation launches the distinctive Indianapolis Cultural Trail toward construction.</p>
Oct 16, 2006   The Indianapolis Star
The suburban community of Carmel, Indiana, has big redevelopment plans. Though not in opposition to the proposals, some residents worry about the development encroaching on established neighborhoods, and question the direction of the city's growth.
Aug 16, 2006   The Indianapolis Star
Developers in Indianapolis want to bring retail to its downtown canal, an area already busy with visitors and concentrated with housing. They're looking at San Antonio's River Walk for inspiration and advice.
Jun 28, 2006   The Indianapolis Star
Will Simon's plan for new headquarters preserve a view of the state capitol?
Sep 19, 2004   The Indianapolis Star
Some observers warn that a large new "town center" development -- slated for a rural Indiana county -- may be more sprawl than smart growth.
Aug 11, 2004   The Indianapolis Star
While Indianapolis wants to become a life-sciences hotspot by 2020 under a new regional plan, historic - and abandoned - Bush Stadium could be the key to development.
Jul 27, 2004   The Indianapolis Star
The Indianapolis area could see the region's first rapid-transit line as soon as 2011, serving as many as 20,000 to 30,000 people on a Northeast route that will connect Hamilton County with downtown.
Jul 24, 2004   The Indianapolis Star
What is the magic formula for high-quality urban design? Indianapolis' Urban Design Oversight Committee has preliminary answers.
Jun 23, 2004   The Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis releases it's new regional plan, "Building a World-Class Downtown: Indianapolis Regional Center Plan 2020."
Jun 21, 2004   The Indianapolis Star
Federal funds for farmland preservation go untouched while development continues to transform rural areas.
Jun 8, 2004   The Indianapolis Star