Chris Bruntlett draws on precedents from across North America to illustrate simple ways that our cities can better serve, entertain, and nurture children.
Mar 5, 2014   Spacing
Following Canada Post’s announcement of plans to replace urban door-to-door mail service with community mail box nodes, The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) cautions that careful planning and design of these retrofits is critical.
Jan 2, 2014   Spacing
After 5 years of debate, and much handwringing over the use of the word "sprawl", the Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU) adopted a Charter for Canadian Urbanism at its 5th annual summit in Halifax.
Oct 21, 2013   Spacing
<p>Toronto's poet laureate argues that environmental sustainability cannot be achieved until people become better neighbors and create better communities.</p>
Dec 13, 2007   Spacing
<p>Joseph Clement reports on the New York City's new "Class 1" bike lane on 9th Avenue.</p>
Nov 15, 2007   Spacing