The Tennessean

Two decades of phenomenal growth have transformed Nashville into 'one of America’s hottest success stories.' In an op-ed for The Tennessean, Bill Freeman argues that for the area to continue to grow wisely it will need to embrace regional planning.
Aug 5, 2013   The Tennessean
Mayor Karl Dean of Nashville, TN spoke yesterday about his belief that the area needs a regional transit system, and now. Said Dean, "We need to be bold, not afraid and push forward fast."
May 29, 2009   The Tennessean
<p>Politicians in Georgia are pushing a resolution that would redraw the state's border with Tennessee so that a plentiful river would lie within the boundaries of water-poor Georgia.</p>
Feb 11, 2008   The Tennessean
<p>A severe water shortage is threatening Atlanta, and critics blame the region's unchecked growth as a primary cause for the its current predicament.</p>
Nov 29, 2007   The Tennessean
<p>A non-profit group is trying to convince Nashville-area cities and counties to engage in regional planning and cooperation to halt the region's fast-expanding sprawl.</p>
Nov 28, 2007   The Tennessean
<p>While programs for moderate-income first-time homebuyers are popular with residents, support for low-income rental housing remains low.</p>
Jan 9, 2007   The Tennessean