A new study finds that biking to work does wonders for reducing stress levels throughout the day. Too bad most it's so hard to fund biking infrastructure.
May 19, 2015   Treehugger
<em>Treehugger</em> lists five of the coming innovations that experts expect to revolutionize urban bicycling.
Apr 7, 2010   Treehugger
A Welsh company is using ground-up plastic remnants to create a building material sturdy enough for housing.
Mar 21, 2010   Treehugger
<em>Treehugger</em> takes a look at the new bus rapid transit system in Johannesburg, South Africa, and explores some of the controversy and tension that surrounds it.
Mar 2, 2010   Treehugger
The abandoned infrastructure for an inner-city rail project in Lima, Peru, has been adapted into a playful amusement park.
Feb 18, 2010   Treehugger
The Obama administration has cancelled two Federal programs - Save America's Treasures and Preserve America - that were responsible for the restoration of nearly 900 historic structures over the past 10 years.
Feb 11, 2010   Treehugger
This post from <em>Treehugger</em> looks at 6 cities that could potentially go car-lite or car-free.
Jan 27, 2010   Treehugger
Treehugger has a look at the best and worst transportation technology of 2009, from solar planes to bike highways.
Dec 26, 2009   Treehugger
<em>Treehugger</em>'s Lloyd Alter takes a look back at the last ten years of architecture and finds some progressive trends and positive signs for the future.
Dec 18, 2009   Treehugger
A new concept streetlight from Yanko Design would use garbage cans built into the base as fuel tanks, converting the trash to light.
Nov 16, 2009   Treehugger
Ultracapacitor batteries are a poor fit for domestic cars, but are a unique fit for transit. Michael Graham Richard looks at how this technology is working on electric buses in China.
Oct 21, 2009   Treehugger