The Charlotte Observer

For the Charlotte Observer, Ely Portillo reports on a forum calling for urbanist reforms and doubts whether auto-loving residents will be receptive.
Apr 28, 2015   The Charlotte Observer
<p>The effort to repeal Mecklenburg County's half-cent transit tax was defeated by a wide margin at the polls on Tuesday.</p>
Nov 8, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>An art park is being planned as an anchor for future transit oriented development near one of Charlotte, North Carolina's new light rail stations.</p>
Nov 2, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>A high-tech elevator for cars is being considered as a way to save space in a condo conversion planned in Charlotte, North Carolina. The elevator will also help preserve the historic building's facade.</p>
Sep 13, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Columnist William Blackburn laments school trailers and their effect on the psyche of America's youth.</p>
Sep 7, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>A recent column cites the phenomenon of subdivision walls as an example of how Americans are neglecting and shunning the public realm.</p>
Jun 27, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Parents who grew up in the city but raised their children in the suburbs wonder if they made the right choice.</p>
Jun 14, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Well intentioned but loose zoning regulations are threatening the character some of the city's historic neighborhoods.</p>
Jun 5, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Plans by the developers of Vermillion, a 400 acre New Urbanist community outside Charlotte, call for the addition of hundreds of 4,000 square foot homes to the original neighborhood of townhomes and small lot houses.</p>
Feb 28, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Can retirement migration be a replacement for former industries?</p>
Oct 9, 2006   The Charlotte Observer
While the city's light-rail system is plagued with construction delays and cost overruns, developers are waiting in the wings with plans for urban transit villages along the line.
Sep 27, 2006   The Charlotte Observer