The Charlotte Observer

The 1.5-mile, $37 million segment of Charlotte's controversial new LYNX Gold streetcar line is set to open July 14. A former mayor, Anthony Foxx, is now the U.S. Transportation Secretary. A federal grant is paying 68 percent of construction costs.
Jul 14, 2015   The Charlotte Observer
<p>High foreclosure rates are turning Charlotte's new starter home suburbs into bastions of crime and decay.</p>
Dec 12, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Charlotte, North Carolina, overwhelmed by turnout for free rides on new light rail line, which exceeded capacity nearly three-fold. Officials now wonder if their ridership estimates have been placed too low.</p>
Nov 27, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>The effort to repeal Mecklenburg County's half-cent transit tax was defeated by a wide margin at the polls on Tuesday.</p>
Nov 8, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>An art park is being planned as an anchor for future transit oriented development near one of Charlotte, North Carolina's new light rail stations.</p>
Nov 2, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>A high-tech elevator for cars is being considered as a way to save space in a condo conversion planned in Charlotte, North Carolina. The elevator will also help preserve the historic building's facade.</p>
Sep 13, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Columnist William Blackburn laments school trailers and their effect on the psyche of America's youth.</p>
Sep 7, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>A recent column cites the phenomenon of subdivision walls as an example of how Americans are neglecting and shunning the public realm.</p>
Jun 27, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Parents who grew up in the city but raised their children in the suburbs wonder if they made the right choice.</p>
Jun 14, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Well intentioned but loose zoning regulations are threatening the character some of the city's historic neighborhoods.</p>
Jun 5, 2007   The Charlotte Observer
<p>Plans by the developers of Vermillion, a 400 acre New Urbanist community outside Charlotte, call for the addition of hundreds of 4,000 square foot homes to the original neighborhood of townhomes and small lot houses.</p>
Feb 28, 2007   The Charlotte Observer