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Raleigh planner Dan Douglas has some bold proposals for the city, including nine new public squares, green roofs, and a new Grand Central Station-style transit hub.
Oct 11, 2009   The Independent Weekly
<p>City leaders in Raleigh, North Carolina, are planning to transform a underutilized downtown plaza into a new public square.</p>
Aug 24, 2007   The Independent Weekly
Can a new cooperative in North Carolina fuel the eco-friendly policy?
Jun 27, 2005   The Independent Weekly
A defunct Renault plant is caught in a battle between those wishing to adapt the cradle of worker's rights and a billionaire's ego.
Jul 18, 2004   The Independent Weekly
Two British firms are designing new ways to organize space in dense urban neighborhoods: one through pre-fab construction, the other through an efficiently modern take on one-bedroom living. Both plans aim to bring high-quality, low-cost housing to cities
Jul 1, 2004   The Independent Weekly
Throughout American history, blacks have been systematically denied something they cherish.
Oct 21, 2003   The Independent Weekly
Independent columnust Burtman offers a scathing analysis and indictment of the failed plan to improve South Columbia Street in Chapel Hill, N.C.
Apr 20, 2003   The Independent Weekly