The Tampa Tribune

A proposal to include a tax referendum on the November 2016 ballot in Hillsborough County has broad political support.
Jun 17, 2015   The Tampa Tribune
The Verve, a new organization in Tampa, works to achieve goals of the creative class.
Mar 8, 2004   The Tampa Tribune
Urban living in downtown Tampa is taking off with three new developments.
Feb 14, 2004   The Tampa Tribune
A determined housing developer plans to build a mixed, residential development next to a future landfill, against the recommendations of county and solid waste officials.
Dec 4, 2003   The Tampa Tribune
A new software program may aid land-use and development decision-making.
Mar 26, 2003   The Tampa Tribune
At what density is rail the right choice? The Tampa Tribune examines the question.
Nov 12, 2002   The Tampa Tribune
More than 20,000 people were expected to celebrate the rebirth of Tampa's streetcars.
Oct 23, 2002   The Tampa Tribune
What would happen if every city and county in Florida implemented their land use plans? A map created from 457 land-use plans has the answer.
Oct 15, 2002   The Tampa Tribune
Luxury apartments demolished due to violation of local growth laws.
Sep 12, 2002   The Tampa Tribune
The 45 million people massed along the coast from Maine to Texas, who gamble that they will never face a hurricane, have more people join them every day.
Aug 7, 2002   The Tampa Tribune
The last time Florida regulators sought public comment on a proposal affecting the future of the state's water bodies, agency officials had to beat a hasty retreat after 30 days of public outcry.
Jul 16, 2002   The Tampa Tribune