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A proposal to include a tax referendum on the November 2016 ballot in Hillsborough County has broad political support.
Jun 17, 2015   The Tampa Tribune
<p>Forget major rail expansion. The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority hopes a new bill will first allow it to afford office space and hire an executive director.</p>
Apr 18, 2008   The Tampa Tribune
<p>With a newly formed regional transit authority, Tampa Bay, Florida, may be ready for a regional transit system. Many want to do it right.</p>
Mar 19, 2008   The Tampa Tribune
<p>With three different public transit funding plans up for consideration, officials in Tampa, Florida, are trying to decide which is the best and when is the best time to start the work on the city's long-sought transit system.</p>
Aug 23, 2007   The Tampa Tribune
<p>Sandy Springs, Georgia, with 80,000 residents, has apparently successfully outsourced all government functions, except for police and fire services.</p>
Jun 19, 2007   The Tampa Tribune
Florida cities want more control over shaping the future of the fast-growing state.
Nov 29, 2004   The Tampa Tribune
A recent study shows that Tampa, FL is struggling to attract and retain young workers.
May 23, 2004   The Tampa Tribune
Developer Bill Bishop breaks the monotony of the conventional suburban development using the "woonerf" philosophy.
Apr 26, 2004   The Tampa Tribune
With its warm weather, low costs, and varied demographics, Tampa is a great place to start a restaurant.
Apr 7, 2004   The Tampa Tribune
Residents hope that the construction of a new credit union headquarters will boost a sagging neighborhood
Apr 6, 2004   The Tampa Tribune
The story of improvements in Downtown Tampa from the perspective of a neighborhood business.
Apr 1, 2004   The Tampa Tribune