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"It's the fabric, stupid," says writer Stephen Bayley, referring to Liverpool's return to the world stage thanks to a combination of great historic bones and a new influx of exciting architecture.
Apr 26, 2010   The Times Online
In the U.K., new carbon emission standards may mean that great numbers of buildings from the 1960s and 70s will need to be demolished.
Jan 26, 2010   The Times Online
The Nottingham Contemporary, a stark new museum building in London, exhibits none of the architectural excess of the past several years in contemporary architecture, says critic Tom Dyckhoff.
Nov 17, 2009   The Times Online
Energy Secretary Steven Chu is the latest to get behind the idea that painting roofs and buildings white can help counter global warming.
Jun 2, 2009   The Times Online
The director of the Design Museum in London reflects on the mostly unfortunate quest for perfection in city planning and architecture, as the museum's new exhibit, <em>Design Cities,</em> opens.
Sep 3, 2008   The Times Online
<p>Public land is being used to solicit proposals from developers to build five new carbon neutral towns.</p>
Jul 25, 2007   The Times Online