The Florida Times-Union

Planners in Jacksonville are getting behind plans to encourage more infill development by getting rid of an older rule that was seen to contribute to sprawl.
Jan 26, 2011   The Florida Times-Union
Jacksonville, Florida is hoping private funding will come through to save the city's parks, which officials say they can't afford to build or maintain.
May 8, 2009   The Florida Times-Union
Jacksonville, Florida officials are considering removing pay phones on sidewalks and in downtown parks, which are often viewed as nuisances that hinder efforts to make neighborhoods cleaner and safer.
Mar 13, 2009   The Florida Times-Union
<p>Groundwater supplies in Northeast Florida may only be able to support growth until 2030, when demands on water will overshoot available resources.</p>
Oct 30, 2007   The Florida Times-Union
<p>Water agency officials in Florida are considering a plan to pump 262 million gallons of water per day from local rivers to satisfy a high population growth rate. But many are calling the plan short-sighted and a futile attempt to control nature.</p>
Sep 7, 2007   The Florida Times-Union
As a neighborhood road in Jacksonville is widened from four to six lanes to attract business, many residents are expressing distaste. Michael Lewyn outlines the argument against road widening.
Sep 7, 2006   The Florida Times-Union
Jacksonville weighs options whether expanded avenue would make a good corridor to run its underperforming Rapid Transit System.
May 2, 2003   The Florida Times-Union
Even with the re-relection of Governor Bush, work will continue towards a florida Bullet train.
Nov 14, 2002   The Florida Times-Union
New residents of Downtown Jacksonville townhomes face urban realities of noise and vagrants.
Oct 12, 2002   The Florida Times-Union
A new comprehensive plan designation upheld for Northeast Florida Mega-development.
Jul 31, 2002   The Florida Times-Union
Downtown Jacksonville seeks to create retail town center and relies on nearby housing.
Jun 1, 2002   The Florida Times-Union