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But not to Portland, nor even in Oregon for that matter. The Vine will service downtown Vancouver, Washington and be operated by Vancouver's public transit agency, C-TRAN. It broke ground in downtown Vancouver on Monday.
Aug 26, 2015   Oregon Public Broadcasting
Notoriously bike-friendly city; home to country's leading bike-share operator; a latecomer to the bike-share bandwagon. What's working with this picture of Portland, Oregon?
Dec 16, 2012   Oregon Public Broadcasting
OPB investigates the flood of new apartment buildings going up in downtown Portland and finds that two-thirds lack any motor vehicle parking - which is great for renters without cars seeking affordable housing, but can anger the neighbors.
Aug 19, 2012   Oregon Public Broadcasting
The Latin American population is on the rise in many parts of the country. Oregon is seeing its own shifts in population, and this piece takes a look at whats driving the changes.
Jun 2, 2011   Oregon Public Broadcasting
Portland, Oregon is half-way through its ten-year plan to address homelessness. The city's seen improvements, but many challenges lie ahead, according to this report.
Oct 15, 2009   Oregon Public Broadcasting
This segment form Oregon Public Broadcasting looks at the rise of wind farms in rural Oregon.
May 5, 2009   Oregon Public Broadcasting
<p>Funding for an independent review of the state's planning system is slashed, with fingers pointing blame in many directions.</p>
Jul 18, 2007   Oregon Public Broadcasting