While modernist buildings have fared somewhat better in the minds of preservationists, recent trends seem to indicate a more promising future for protecting the significant modernist landscapes of the recent past, says Charles Birnbaum.
Mar 19, 2013   Dwell
Sam Graves at Dwell says that Detroit's Lafayette Park, planned by Mies van der Rohe in 1956, is a rare success story from the planned developments of that era.
Dec 5, 2011   Dwell
In its 5th year, the Solar Decathlon had submissions from 20 different countries and from schools like SCI-Arc/Caltech's and Appalachian State University, writes Diana Budds for Dwell.
Oct 26, 2011   Dwell
New playground designs are shaking up public parks around the world. So long, slides, hello interpretive playscapes.
Jul 12, 2011   Dwell
This slideshow from <em>Dwell</em> gives a sneak peek at a new group art exhibit in New York that documents contemporary land use in America.
Jul 22, 2010   Dwell
When Dwell Magazine asked for submissions to their Re-Burbia contest reimagining the suburbs, they probably didn't count on a 3000 ft. geothermal tower on legs that rips homes out of the ground and files them into its towering heights.
Aug 13, 2009   Dwell
In Copenhagen, architect David Zahle faced with a problem site. They needed to build 215,000 sq. ft. of parking and 108,000 sq. ft. of housing on one lot. The solution was a sort of artificial mountain.
Aug 3, 2009   Dwell
Beyond the columns and the Capitol, Washington D.C. contains a wide variety of architectural gems and underappreciated neighborhoods, according to this Q&A about the city from <em>Dwell</em>.
Nov 22, 2008   Dwell
<p>Dwell talks with a prolific Hong Kong architect about his city and its development.</p>
Jun 20, 2008   Dwell
<p>In this travelogue, <em>Dwell</em> tours the often-overlooked infrastructure that keeps the metropolis of Los Angeles running.</p>
May 10, 2008   Dwell
<p>Montreal may have been a "city of design" when it hosted 1967's World Fair and UNESCo says it still is. But one prominent Canadian architect is skeptical.</p>
Jan 10, 2008   Dwell