L.A. Downtown News

<p>Public officials in Los Angeles are floating ideas to bring back its historic downtown streetcar.</p>
Feb 13, 2008   L.A. Downtown News
<p>Downtown L.A. is redeveloping into a residential neighborhood. But is it baby-friendly?</p>
Jan 22, 2008   L.A. Downtown News
<p>Plans to keep nearly 80% of downtown L.A.'s industrial lands exclusively industrial has developers and business leaders up in arms.</p>
Jan 15, 2008   L.A. Downtown News
<p>Preserving industrial land in Downtown L.A. is the focus of a broad city report to be released in January. The city recommends classifying specific areas into four land use categories to guide development in the area increasingly sought by investors.</p>
Dec 29, 2007   L.A. Downtown News
<p>As downtown Los Angeles undergoes a massive redevelopment, the major concern is not whether it will be another New York, nor if its public spaces will improve, but rather how much worse traffic will get, writes Sam Hall Kaplan.</p>
Sep 11, 2007   L.A. Downtown News