The amount of urban background noise is affecting the songs that birds sing to attract mates.
Sep 1, 2011   Discovery
A new report estimates that desertification will expand up to 34% during the next century, enveloping an area the size of the United States.
Aug 20, 2009   Discovery
France is hoping to establish a "darkness reserve" by regulating street lighting in towns and villages near a mountaintop observatory.
Apr 6, 2009   Discovery
<p>New earthquake hazard maps from the U.S. Geological Survey show increased earthquake risk areas beyond typical hotspots like California. Geologists say planners and local officials should react to the maps by updating building codes.</p>
Apr 26, 2008   Discovery
<p>A civil engineer has proposed a plan to create a "satellite" backup city of the Turkish metropolis of Instanbul -- a city precariously sited in a major earthquake area.</p>
Feb 19, 2008   Discovery
<p>The city of Rome recently launched a dynamic mapping project that utilizes cell phones and GPS devices to display the city's flow of traffic and pedestrians on a publicly accessible website.</p>
Sep 11, 2007   Discovery
<p>High-tech traffic signals have been developed that predict and warn drivers of possible collisions.</p>
Sep 2, 2007   Discovery
<p>As governments consider more moon exploration, a space heritage archaeologist is calling on policy makers to think about how to protect historic sites on the moon -- such as the Tranquility Base landing site of the 1969 moon walk.</p>
Jul 27, 2007   Discovery