As result of climate change, dwindling resources and shifting demographics, a new economic powerhouse is likely to emerge in the arctic by mid-century, according to the new book "The World in 2050".
Nov 3, 2010   Seed
Resilience science has typically been applied to ecosystems. But now, scientists are starting to look at how it relates to cities.
Feb 18, 2010   Seed
Miles Kemp presents a slideshow on <em>SEED</em> exploring the emerging field of interactive architecture -- and the tiny robots that are enabling spaces and structures to adapt in real-time.
Nov 23, 2009   Seed
Tracking tags have been implanted in garbage in New York and Seattle to monitor where garbage goes and how municipal waste management systems can improve.
Aug 8, 2009   Seed
Water is predicted by many to be the reason for future conflicts. But are water wars really in our future? <em>SEED</em> magazine asks a panel of experts.
May 15, 2009   Seed
<p>China is establishing a living wall of vegetation to hold back the Gobi desert that is heading southeast to Beijing.</p>
Jun 19, 2007   Seed