Science Daily

A new study published in the journal Nature maps out a plan for the development of roads around the world—where roads should be avoided due to their environmental costs, and where they can be built to maximize their potential benefit to humanity.
Aug 30, 2014   Science Daily
A study from MIT's Department of Mathematics provides new means of understanding how traffic jams form.
Jun 16, 2009   Science Daily
Rats choose Manhattan because if its logical street grid, according to new research by a team of zoologists and geographers at Tel Aviv University, who are using rats to test wayfinding in cities.
Jan 16, 2009   Science Daily
A new global map released by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre reveals that 95% of the world's population lives on 10% of the land.
Dec 23, 2008   Science Daily
<p>In an academic journal article, noted geographer Michael Goodchild argues that user-generated content can profoundly impact Geographic Information Systems.</p>
Jan 2, 2008   Science Daily
<p>The public debut of the largest historic city simulation offers an eye-opening example of urban virtualization technology.</p>
Jun 12, 2007   Science Daily