The Gotham Gazette

Tom Angotti writes that Mayor Bloomberg has ambitious goals for solving NYC's affordable housing problems, but they may not be in step with today's real estate market.
Jul 22, 2011   The Gotham Gazette
<p>Plans to expand the bicycle network in New York City are underway as part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's long-term plan to make the city more environmentally friendly. But proposals to increase the city's bike lanes are meeting opposition from locals.</p>
Aug 23, 2007   The Gotham Gazette
<p>Located on the site of a major rail transit hub in Brooklyn, the Atlantic Yards project has the opportunity to be one of the highest profile transit-oriented developments in the world. But will it really promote transit use and reduce congestion?</p>
Jun 6, 2007   The Gotham Gazette
<p>Though a growing chorus of business and community groups is calling for congestion pricing in Manhattan to ease traffic, a comprehensive citywide plan may be the only way the idea can actually move forward.</p>
Dec 8, 2006   The Gotham Gazette
<p>A new conference and exhibition at the Pratt Center for Community Development examines the relationship betweens artists and the struggles over urban space.</p>
Nov 27, 2006   The Gotham Gazette
<p>A discussion of urban planning and development in New York City looks at the influence of these two major figures.</p>
Nov 6, 2006   The Gotham Gazette
How can the city learn from other major metropolises like Chicago and Los Angeles to develop a viable growth strategy for the 21st century?
Apr 20, 2006   The Gotham Gazette
The Gotham Gazette outlines a series of traffic reports and policies, analyzing the steps necessary to confront New York's 800,000-a-day car problem.
Jan 19, 2006   The Gotham Gazette
Stephen A. Hammer argues that Bloomberg should take cues from the London Spatial Development Strategy, which creates a "coherent, long-term vision" for the city.
Jan 19, 2006   The Gotham Gazette
A new piece of legislation going before voters in New York would limit the amount of development in many low-density neighborhoods, and encourage planning over upzoning to encourage development.
Oct 19, 2005   The Gotham Gazette
A graduate student points out that transit agencies are overlooking a major source of income: wireless Internet access on trains.
Nov 30, 2004   The Gotham Gazette