The Gotham Gazette

Tom Angotti writes that Mayor Bloomberg has ambitious goals for solving NYC's affordable housing problems, but they may not be in step with today's real estate market.
Jul 22, 2011   The Gotham Gazette
Vicky Plestis reports that Manhattan's South Street Seaport, long criticized for failing to live up to its potential, is being rethought and redesigned by its developers.
Jun 8, 2011   The Gotham Gazette
The city of New York has been trying to encourage an increase in bike lanes throughout the city. But the issue has become increasingly political, and progress has been slowed.
Mar 2, 2011   The Gotham Gazette
Officials in New York are pushing a plan known as Vision 2020, which is aimed at restoring the city's waterfront areas and creating new public spaces. It also hopes to create preconditions for waterfront industries and businesses to grow again.
Jan 25, 2011   The Gotham Gazette
New York City is updating their Uniform Land Use Review Process. Tom Agnotti says there is a lot that is broken and needs fixing.
Jul 9, 2010   The Gotham Gazette
One-sixth of the total land in New York has been rezoned under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and some say it's fueling widespread gentrification. Community members affected by the changes are calling for more say in the future of their neighborhoods.
Sep 2, 2008   The Gotham Gazette
<p>A remnant of Robert Moses' famous push to raze neighborhoods and build highways in their place, the Sheridan Expressway is ripe for revitalization. A local advocate believes that now "the stars are aligned" for it to happen.</p>
May 28, 2008   The Gotham Gazette
<p>With Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan defeated, can the city's vision for long-term sustainability be achieved?</p>
Apr 21, 2008   The Gotham Gazette
<p>Senior citizens account for a disproportional amount of pedestrian fatalities and injuries in New York City. As a result, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made plans to focus on improving mobility and safety for the city's over-60 population.</p>
Feb 7, 2008   The Gotham Gazette
<p>New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's widely-touted plan for a greener city have left out the major energy consumer in Manhattan: the thousands of buildings not owned by the city.</p>
Oct 17, 2007   The Gotham Gazette
<p>New York has been looking for ways to rejuvenate the area surrounding its historic Coney Island boardwalk themepark. This article from the <em>Gotham Gazette</em> says the city should use the opportunity to create a model for sustainable development.</p>
Sep 20, 2007   The Gotham Gazette