The Ledger

<p>Despite lacking enough signatures for a statewide amendment, a local Sierra Club chapter is pursuing growth limits in Florida's Polk County.</p>
Feb 6, 2008   The Ledger
<p>The state of Florida has backed out of a water agreement with Georgia and Alabama that would have cut the state's water supply in an effort to aid drought-stricken Georgia.</p>
Nov 12, 2007   The Ledger
<p>Hosting a collection of dozens of historic colonial buildings originally built more than 200 years ago, the city of St. Augustine, Florida, is having trouble taking care of all of them. The University of Florida has volunteered preservation services.</p>
Jul 30, 2007   The Ledger
<p>A planner and Army Reservist from Florida talks about his time spent working on planning issues in Iraq, and relates it to his experiences as a city planner in the U.S.</p>
Jul 17, 2007   The Ledger
<p>In what may be a first for the U.S., the state of Florida is proposing a plan to offer property owners a choice between two ways of calculating property taxes.</p>
Jun 16, 2007   The Ledger
<p>Miami has been ranked as the number one city with rude drivers, according to a recent survey.</p>
May 16, 2007   The Ledger