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A proposed oil-by-rail facility proposed for the Port of Vancouver could set a new standard for capacity.
Nov 26, 2014   The Columbian
Wash. state senate Republicans dealt a crushing blow to governors of both Wash. and Ore. by killing a 10.5-cent gas tax bill needed to tap $850 million in federal funds to finance rebuilding of two, obsolete I-5 spans over the Columbia River.
Jul 8, 2013   The Columbian
Officials in Washington's Clark County are considering a plan to enact an annual fee for bicyclists to fund bike-related infrastructure.
Jul 22, 2009   The Columbian
<p>Universities across the country are reviving their connections to their host cities, participating in urban renewal projects and investing in their cities' futures.</p>
Mar 11, 2008   The Columbian
<p>Housing affordability is becoming a major issue in Washington, where workers increasingly have to "drive to qualify".</p>
Nov 19, 2007   The Columbian
<p>In a fact-finding mission to see if the technology is right for their city, officials from Vancouver, Washington, will hop over the state line to Portland to try out the city's streetcar system.</p>
Aug 19, 2007   The Columbian
<p>Citizens and homeowners in Washington have teamed up against a number of proposed housing developments that would replace more than 100 acres of open space and wetlands.</p>
Aug 17, 2007   The Columbian
<p>Facing a transportation funding shortage, a county supervisor in Washington has proposed letting some roadways get more crowded and congested to save the money that would have been spent to improve them -- money the county doesn't have.</p>
Jul 9, 2007   The Columbian
<p>Planners in Eugene, Oregon, have nixed plans for light rail in favor of a bus rapid transit system. However, they say the system's dedicated lanes could be converted into light rail routes in the future if the population increases enough.</p>
May 8, 2007   The Columbian
The Columbian profiles Clark County Community Development director Richard Carson about his 'contrarian' perspectives on planning.
Jan 3, 2004   The Columbian
The residents of Portland, Oregon are moving across the Columbia River to Washington for a better planned quality of life.
Mar 15, 2003   The Columbian