In Berlin and The Netherlands, crazy ideas of building mountains for recreational purposes are actually being entertained.
Sep 14, 2011   Pruned
As Blackhawk fans crammed into downtown Chicago to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory last week, the editors at Pruned were reminded of a fantastical proposal for a downtown stadium built into the tops of skyscrapers.
Jun 21, 2010   Pruned
A new Parisian park would cause American parents to go apoplectic, with a precarious slopes and a lack of rubber bumpers. It is the latest incarnation of the "adventure playground, says Alexander Trevi of Pruned.
Apr 27, 2010   Pruned
Technologie Alpine de Sécurité creates gas-powered avalanche control systems. The blog Pruned shows pictures of the system installed at Val Thorens, France.
Aug 18, 2008   Pruned
<p>This post from <em>Pruned</em> looks at a proposal to turn a contaminated reservoir into a "bioremediating ecological machine".</p>
Feb 25, 2008   Pruned
<p>A computer model may be able to assist city planners, public safety officials, and researchers in exploring individual pedestrian and crowd behavior in urban spaces.</p>
Jun 29, 2007   Pruned
<p>Hong Kong's unique system of escalators, moving walkways, and pedestrian bridges has transformed the neighborhoods it connects.</p>
Jun 19, 2007   Pruned
<p>Alexander Trevi comments on playground equipment designed to provide local clean water supply in developing countries.</p>
May 17, 2007   Pruned