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<p>The university's plans, which are subject to approval next week, are strongly opposed by local residents, who city decades of poor relations with the elite institution.</p>
Nov 23, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
Global warming and rising sea levels are posing a threat to the livelihood of Southern Spain's bustling beach resorts. Some resort owners are already bringing in their own sand to counteract the receding beach space.
Sep 13, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
Government policies have led to over three quarters of new homes in Britain being built on recycled land.
Aug 9, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
With prices doubling in the past five years across Britian, a key sector of the workforce is frozen out of the housing market in two-thirds of cities and towns.
Jul 29, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
Multinational corporations eye India's large retail market as Indian superstores expand.
Jun 7, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
The scale of the global warming problem is unprecedented, according to a draft report by leading scientists. The report has been released early by US officials ostensibly to minimize the impact when the report is officially released next year.
May 5, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
There has been little to equal the speed and extent of the development of the Chinese city of Chongqing, which is growing so rapidly, a population equivalent to that of Luxembourg is added each year.
Mar 16, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
The palatial urban masterpiece is finally back, but its art collection has been called into question by international critics.
Jan 27, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
Former chiefs of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -- five Republicans and one Democrat -- criticise the Bush administration's response to global warming.
Jan 22, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
Shortage of affordable housing causes problems recruiting new faculty at one of the world's top higher education institutions.
Jan 12, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
The city of Bo01 has served as a model for urban designers all over the world -- but is it really liveable?
Sep 1, 2005   The Guardian Unlimited