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<p>The university's plans, which are subject to approval next week, are strongly opposed by local residents, who city decades of poor relations with the elite institution.</p>
Nov 23, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>Desperate for jobs and tax revenue, the City of Detroit has permitted its three original casino operators to build new larger complexes.</p>
Oct 20, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>Could a 'green' makeover of one of China's most infamous public spaces help signal the country's shifting politics?</p>
May 4, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>For those who can't get to the coast, tons of sand have been trucked into a park in Mexico City, where residents flock to spend a day at the "beach". But critics see the effort as a wasteful in a city where many residents still have no running water.</p>
Apr 6, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>The Swedish furniture company is hoping to capitalize on its design sense and efficient manufacturing to expand the market for prefabricated housing.</p>
Apr 3, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>100-year-old plots of organic farmland in east London are in line to be bulldozed to make room for development of facilities for the 2012 Olympics -- a four-week-long event.</p>
Feb 13, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>The English village of Ashton Hayes is looking to become the country's first carbon-neutral community. Cooperation village-wide has enabled the installation of solar panels and used recycled building materials in new structures.</p>
Jan 31, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>A license has been granted to the city of Manchester to host the United Kingdom's first "supercasino" -- a 5,00 square meter gambling and hotel complex similar to Las Vegas casinos. However, many in the UK are worried about resulting social problems.</p>
Jan 31, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>Food shortages and economic decline have forced Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to rescind his 2005 land reform decision to seize all farmland from white farmers. Land has already been returned to 19 white farmers, while more await lease approval.</p>
Jan 4, 2007   The Guardian Unlimited
<p>The Swedish furniture retailer is expanding its market to include ready-made and modestly-sized homes. Already selling well in Scandinavia, the homes are part of a new plan to address Britain's affordable housing shortage.</p>
Dec 2, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
Environmentalists and land use activists in the United Kingdom are calling on planners and policymakers to integrate standards that reduce carbon emissions within their official planning policies.
Sep 26, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited