The Cincinnati Enquirer

A major grocer in Ohio is trying to keep some of its smaller stores open in areas that would otherwise be food deserts. But profits are hard to come by, and stores continue to move out of town.
May 18, 2010   The Cincinnati Enquirer
<p>Plans for streetcars in Cincinnati are moving forward, as advocates have formally requested nearly $1 million to perform the preliminary studies required to apply for federal funding.</p>
Mar 13, 2008   The Cincinnati Enquirer
<p>Cincinnati's historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is seeing levels of investment and activity that haven't been seen there for many, many years. The largest collection of Italianate architecture in the U.S. is finally starting to see new life.</p>
Aug 26, 2007   The Cincinnati Enquirer
<p>A recent survey reveals that more than two-thirds of Ohio residents are opposed to the state's eminent domain law, and would be in favor of throwing it out.</p>
Mar 26, 2007   The Cincinnati Enquirer
An intact 19th century neighborhood has been placed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's annual list of the nation's Top 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.
May 11, 2006   The Cincinnati Enquirer
Old-style downtowns benefit from comsumers' "mall overload".
Dec 19, 2005   The Cincinnati Enquirer
Computer programmer converts his car to run on discarded cooking oil from the company cafeteria.
Jul 20, 2005   The Cincinnati Enquirer
A $78M project along the Ohio River will unify the riverfront between two stadiums.
May 13, 2005   The Cincinnati Enquirer
Xavier University creates a building plan to address the needs and desires of college students born after 1982.
Feb 23, 2005   The Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati's Neighborhood Summit looks at small business districts.
Feb 5, 2005   The Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati employers hope to raise $100 million more for related projects and job creation.
Sep 23, 2004   The Cincinnati Enquirer