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West Hollywood's new library returns to the California Mid-Century tradition with floor to ceiling glass windows providing plenty of natural light, and a walkable link to Santa Monica boulevard a new park signals a new civic focus.
Sep 29, 2011   L.A. Times
Dan Weikel of the L.A. Times suggests that the focus on rail transit at the expense of buses has pushed general transit ridership down in general.
Jul 24, 2010   L.A. Times
"For all of Eli Broad's consistent prominence on the public stage in recent years, the buildings he has helped develop make up a disparate, even contradictory group," writes Christopher Hawthorne as he describes the patron's philanthropic endeavors.
Jul 11, 2010   L.A. Times
<p>Outside experts believe the City of Los Angeles is making a density mistake by selling downtown development rights.</p>
Mar 20, 2007   L.A. Times