Time Magazine

At the center of ongoing protests and uproar in the Middle East, iconic and historical public spaces hold political clout.
May 20, 2011   Time Magazine
Time Magazine takes a look at the growing problem of vacant storefronts across the U.S., and what some intrepid souls are doing about it.
Oct 5, 2009   Time Magazine
<p>Time's environmental reporter examines the American neighborhood with help from New Urbanist founder Andres Duany, who comments on suburbia and its carbon footprint, the role of the car, home size, public space, and ratings of green building.</p>
Dec 24, 2007   Time Magazine
<p>The steam pipe explosion in Manhattan is the latest evidence of the coming crisis that infrastructure experts have been warning us about for years.</p>
Jul 20, 2007   Time Magazine
<p>To curb excessive house sizes, Boulder, Colorado, is offering financial incentives to homeowners not to build out, and penalties for McMansions.</p>
Jul 19, 2007   Time Magazine
<p>With little progress having been made on Mayor Richard Daley's campaign pledge to end homelessness by 2012, some are wondering if the promise is just a pipe dream, or worse, a political stunt.</p>
May 25, 2007   Time Magazine
<p>Even with widespread demolition of old buildings to make way for modern towers, the city still has more art deco buildings than anywhere else on earth. A new photo book hopes to inspire the city to preserve its rich architectural legacy.</p>
Feb 23, 2007   Time Magazine