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Paris's Boulevard Peripherique is one of the most clogged roadways in Europe, it delivers dangerous pollution to 100,000 people in its vicinity, and this year it turned 40. Lara Marlowe looks at the future for one of Paris's little loved landscapes.
May 3, 2013   The Irish Times
Paul Keogh, the new president of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, says that a politically-driven planning system ran unabated during the Irish boom, emphasizing development at all costs.
Feb 18, 2010   The Irish Times
Beginning this September, residents of Dublin will have a new option for getting around town as the city's new public bicycle system debuts.
Aug 19, 2009   The Irish Times
Commuters on Ireland's N11 expressway were surprised to find that the cause of a massive traffic jam was a monkey on the loose.
Aug 8, 2008   The Irish Times
<p>According to a recent survey of architects in Ireland, 80% think that local planning decisions do not support good design and are essentially a waste of time.</p>
Jul 18, 2008   The Irish Times
<p>Urban researchers have released a report warning that Dublin, Ireland, may soon have a sprawling footprint comparable to Los Angeles, but with less than one quarter the population. The report also suggests more investment in public transportation.</p>
Feb 13, 2007   The Irish Times
Vancouver's "Living First" strategy, which emphasizes downtown living, as well as careful attention to designing the downtown skyline, has made it one of North America's most livable cities.
Apr 10, 2006   The Irish Times
Historic Dublin is feeling pressure to increase density. Will Dubliners end up living in high-rise city center towers?
Jan 14, 2005   The Irish Times
A special series of twelve articles discussing Ireland's traffic problems and possible solutions.
Sep 24, 2001   The Irish Times