The past week has seen the deaths of renowned architects Lebbeus Woods and John Johansen.
Oct 31, 2012   BLDGBLOG
Four years ago, artist Julien Berthier put up a fake business front on a blank wall in Paris. Today the door is still there, one of a handful of fake storefronts in the world, says Geoff Manaugh.
May 24, 2010   BLDGBLOG
These two posts from <em>BLDGBLOG</em> look at an innovative project that visually explains the convoluted policies and rules of New York City tenant rights and street vending regulations.
Dec 20, 2009   BLDGBLOG
This post from <em>BLDGBLOG</em> looks at the ghost of a planned but never realized subdivision on the outskirts of a Southern California exurb where only faint lines of unfinished roads remain.
Nov 27, 2009   BLDGBLOG
<p>Geoff Manaugh observes that truly sustainable architecture goes unnoticed while designs that end up "ornamentalizing sustainability" get the "green" label and the media's attention.</p>
Aug 27, 2007   BLDGBLOG
<p>Geoff Manaugh interviews Architect Ed Mazria about his efforts to promote ecological literacy and his challenge to the architecture and planning community to stop climate change.</p>
Jan 30, 2007   BLDGBLOG